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  • I'm a young Free Software enthusiast from the Czech Republic. Github is too normie for me so I had to host gitea.

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Bash that uses another script ```woeusb``` to flash windows ISO onto a flash drive, in addition also uploads intel RST disk drivers onto the flash drive.

Updated 22 hours ago

Repository of bidzan.net

Updated 5 days ago

A script that automatically installs Parabola from a live ISO as I want it, plus it installs software that I might want on a desktop installation. Theoretically, It should work on Hyperbola GNU+Linux too.

Updated 1 month ago

updates everything on the server, including services that have to be updated manually

Updated 2 months ago

Simple shell script for work that will be used to get info from macbooks.

Updated 2 months ago

A script that I use to test disks, whether they're faulty or not.

Updated 2 months ago